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My child

My child, The pain that you carry in your heart, let not anyone belittle that for you, let not anyone rewrite the story that you’ve known, however bittersweet, for there is virtue in suffering, and through your suffering, you will see the good and the bad, in all that you experience in life. My child, there is good in everything, if o... Read more →

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We, the Renegades

We are but only a handful, But we are not afraid; No, no, no! We are not afraid of authority, We will stand up for ourselves In defiance of any power That have control over us. We are mock and ridiculed By the large and many, But we care not the thoughts of like-minded peasants, Who bend and keep bending till the day they pass They ar... Read more →

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Internship and some more happenings amid COVID-19

So clearly it’s been a while since the last I updated in this blog, and a lot has happened since then. I will briefly go through what’s happened in the past THREE months! Yes, a lot has happened despite COVID-19 and I’m going to try my best to summarize it. ⚠️Warning: Long post ahead. Post MCO 🥳 I consider myself somewhat lucky to have compl... Read more →

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Hero Fun Run @ UPM

Last weekend, I travelled to Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) to stay with my sister for the weekend. That Sunday, we were joined by our respective boyfriends and some friends for Hero Fun Run which we had registered for weeks earlier. It was a decent experience staying at UPM’s hostel, attending a church service at the university’s very own cha... Read more →

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Reflections: WordCamp KL 2019 and emceeing

WordCamp KL happened last weekend on the 1st-2nd November. It was my first-time attending a WordCamp and I also happened to be in the organising team. Having attended weekly e-meetings for the past 7 months of planning, I got insider news about everything that was going on for WordCamp KL 2019. I learnt so many things from event-planning, to enr... Read more →

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