Evangelista Grace

The things I love about you

Here goes a post for a special someone:

I love you for so many reasons. Some reasons obvious, some obscure, some unexplainable.

I love…

…how patient you are with me,

…how you motivate me,

…the way you look at me,

…your bear hugs,

…when you caress my face even when I tell you not to,

…when you hold my hands in the car while you’re driving,

…your athletic spirit,

…when you confide in me and tell me all your problems,

…that you hold on to your principles,

…when you’re listening to my rants,

…that you tell me I’m beautiful even without make-up,

…that you answer my calls no matter where you are,

…when you tell me you love me even with people around you,

…that you remember all the things I have told you,

…when you travel the extra mile just to see me,

…your subtle sarcasm and humor,

…how you gently pull me over to you,

…when I catch you looking out for me in a crowd,

…when you get shy when I’m with you,

…when you tell me all your plans for our future,

…when you play my favorite songs in your phone,

…when you try out all my favorite food,

…when you try to wear something matching with my clothing,

…that you are your authentic self.

I could go on and on but there’s only so much I can put out here. If that special someone is reading this, just know that you are AMAZING ❤️️ and I love you for all that you are.

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