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Hero Fun Run @ UPM

Last weekend, I travelled to Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) to stay with my sister for the weekend. That Sunday, we were joined by our respective boyfriends and some friends for Hero Fun Run which we had registered for weeks earlier.

It was a decent experience staying at UPM’s hostel, attending a church service at the university’s very own chapel and touring the campus during the run. It was also my first time participating in a 5km run with friends. It felt good to have yet another item ticked off my bucketlist.

I didn’t train much the week before the run but I did do some fair amount of ‘warm-ups’- brisk-walking around the tracks, intermittent jogging and plain walking. Boyfriend came over to MMU a few days before the run and helped me complete a 5km for the first time. That was probably the furthest I have gone in the shortest amount of time. My record? 55 minutes, give or take.

On the day of the run, my sister and I woke up a little late and arrived right before the flag-off. I hadn’t do any warm-up and just 2 minutes into the run I started feeling light-headed already 😅. Boyfriend wanted to follow alongside me but I knew I would be dragging him far behind. I told him to run ahead. I thought I could at least catch up with my twin sister but no even she was getting further and further ahead of me 👀. My period cramps coupled with my strained intercostal muscles from my 3-week old cough nearly paralyzed me halfway through the run. I didn’t mind not catching up with anyone at this point. I was really just determined to reach the finish line (this can probably serve as a life lesson too LOL).

As I approached the finishing line I could see my boyfriend cheering me and he even joined my side until I reached the end. Seeing him felt like an instant boost of motivation 😍.

We headed to a Mamak restaurant after that for some breakfast and tea. We chatted for a while before everyone headed back to their hostels. After a rather satisfying nap back at my sister’s hostel, I packed up, had lunch with my sister and headed back to Cyberjaya.

p/s: More runs to come I guess 😬

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