Evangelista Grace

Rose of Sharon

I knew you were special to me from the day I first saw you. I was young and carefree then, but I knew that you were dear to me. I remember a time when I was a little girl, and you still a babe, I would hold close at night one of your adorable dress. I would take it with me to bed and the next morning I would tell mummy how much I loved my little sister. You were the cutest baby girl on the block. Fair and plump like a pumpkin. You were young and carefree, mischievous and always full of spirit. You loved drawing, just like I did. You were that social butterfly in our neighborhood street. You were friends with all the other little ones around. Oh how I miss those days when we used to play Barbie dolls together, and ‘cook’ things we could only imagine eating. You became a big girl after that, and you changed. Some thought you were peculiar. I thought you were odd. I was a bad sister. I mistreated you at times, and abused the older sibling power that I had at my disposal. I should have cared for you more. I should given you the attention that you needed. I used my school books to hide and bury my face in instead of giving you some. It would not take me long to realize that you’re a bundle of potential. It would not take me long to realize that you’re a person rich with emotions in the inside. Although you maintained a straight face, almost as though nothing had happened in your world, but deep inside you had experienced a plethora of emotions. You loved me even when I didn’t love you enough. You needed some time to register the speedy world revolving around you, but no one, nothing would wait for you. Not even my patience nor empathy had bore with you at a time when you had needed it most. Your innocence and pureness of heart was often mistaken for ignorance and slow-wittedness. You have been to places which I have never been to. You have seen and experienced things which I have never been through. I wish now that I didn’t have to be separated from you. Everyday I plan about sharing with you my passion in graphic designing. I wish to teach you so many things and build you and stand by your side to see you become the person that you want to be. I promise to support you in ways I never did or never could when we were younger. I promise to be the sister who would offer her shoulder for you to cry on. I owe you the care and love I had failed to show you when we were growing up.

You will always be my little sister and I will always love you. You will always be the Rose of Sharon, the Rose of my heart.

Your sister, Evan


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