Evangelista Grace


I can’t recall many memories with you,

But the ones that I can,

Were recent memories with you.

I thank God for showing me a way,

For me to see you, to talk to you,

For us to be father and daughter again.

I remember so vividly,

The last hug that we shared,

Before you were admitted,

And machines became your new companion.

I remember how sick you were,

Bouts of cough, spits of phlegm,

You could hardly walk,

But you were still determined to bring me,

To savor on a favorite dish together.

I wish I could go back in time,

To tell you how much we love you,

And want you back.

Know that you will be remembered always.

Your laughter and corny jokes,

will always remind us,

of days filled with your warm company.

You will be missed dearly.

R.I.P Papa ♥

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