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Thoughts on entering final year

I remember my freshman year like it was yesterday. When I ask my juniors about the subjects they’re taking for their coming semester, I can remember vividly the assignments, the lecturers, and the scary and exciting moments. Time really does pass by fast. I’m overcome by a mixture of emotions as I am about to begin my third and final year tomorrow.

This semester break wasn’t particularly happening although I did manage to pull off a mini side project and make some preparations for events that will be happening in the coming term. I did also manage to secure myself a Final Year Project title for a budget-tracking web app. And perhaps finishing a good TV series like Breaking Bad in a short period of time could also account for an accomplishment 😆. I plan on writing a review about the series soon.

I vowed to retire from club activities and outside events to focus more on my project and to look out for internship opportunities but here I am tangled once more in a series of events. The recent ruling is that every club committee are to serve their term from the beginning to the end of the year and no longer on the start of each term in July every year. So my position in the high-committee for IT Society had inadvertently been extended to the end of this year when it was supposed to end this July. I’m not sure if it’s for this reason or simply because I feel obliged to keep the club running as long as I am in university but one thing I know is that this is the only society in university I was ever committed in.

Apart from a series event that I am involved in for IT Society, namely BarCamp Cyberjaya and Jumpstart Orientation, I also volunteered some two months ago to be in the organizing team for WordCamp Kuala Lumpur 2019. I’ve never been involved in the WordPress community nor have I used WordPress for development but I figured it would be worthwhile to learn a few things on the go as I get involved in my first ever WordCamp.

I also plan to get started on Coder Women in campus, a series-program that aims for female students to teach and learn coding. You could say this is a spin-off from Women Who Code which is predominantly comprised of working adult women from the industry. My hopes for Coder Women is to get more younger women in college to take up an interest in coding. I hope everything goes well for this, fingers crossed 🤞.

With all the events that are happening next term, I’m lucky to have a rather flexible class timetable. My classes span for only three days in a week, with the remaining days left for revision, FYP and event preparations. On an unrelated note, I decided to ditch Systems Analysis ans Design and take Computer Graphics instead, a Games Development specialization subject for my elective. My initial plan was to have this subject provide me some fundamental knowledge in 3D modeling as I had initially planned to take up a project for a mobile 360 panoramic viewer. However the supervisor for that project title didn’t strike me as a helpful and knowledgeable lecturer, so to speak. I changed my attention to developing a web app after that. I am still excited to learn this subject but I’m also aware that it’s going to be a little hard for my head to wrap around it. But YOLO, right?

Thanks for reading! Wish me luck 🤞.

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