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Today I learned...

Today I learned a few things while browsing Youtube. I stumbled upon a few documentaries that gave me insights and perspective on mental health, another thought me a thing or two about being grateful and another that was about the effects of war deeply moved me.

  • Mental health awareness needs more coverage

Mental health cases seem to go unreported especially in local media. For the cases I have know, children with mental health issues have been dismissed as ‘just having some behavioral problems’ by their parents and even their communities. When brought up in the wrong home, these children are often subject to neglect or worst yet, they are abused and resented by their own flesh and blood. Instead of recognizing the underlying problem or seeking diagnosis, these poor souls are beaten and spited for ‘abnormal behavior’, which sadly only worsens their mental state. When it gets ‘too much’ for the guardian to handle, some of these children are sent off to shelter homes - which may be a better option for the child if it were indeed a better place for the child to live in but from what I have seen and heard, people who run these homes know nothing more about the issue at hand. The children are scolded at and sometimes even belittled, some bullied by their schoolmates in their new school. This only makes the situation more dire. All these bad ‘shaping’ that took place in their young lives could worsen their state of mind as they grow older as they feel more alienated and unloved. For cases where parents or guardians are aware of a child’s mental health, some who want to take the necessary action unfortunately don’t have enough money and resources to do so. Although it is not completely possible to cure mental illness, there are measures that can be taken to prevent it from it getting worse. In order to realize this, there has to be a more concerted effort by parents, guardians, teachers, the media and the government.

  • Child abuse can alter a child’s psychology completely but help and love can change that

This video is a documentary about a 6 year old girl named Beth. At a mere 19 months old, she had been subject to sexual abuse by her birth father. It won’t take long for social service to discover Beth and her brother living in such dire conditions. The siblings were soon adopted by a couple and they would soon learn that due to the abuse and neglect Beth had endured when she was younger, she begin exhibiting violent behavior. She would often beat up her younger brother and even molest him. She would push pins into the family’s pet cats and would one day kill two baby birds. Apart from her violent tendency, Beth also had an unusual sexual behavior. Soon Beth became obsessed with the idea of killing her brother and her adopted parents. That was when her parents decided to seek a psychologist’s intervention. From the psychologist’s point of view, Beth seemed to not have any conscience. After that she was sent to live at a special home where discipline and necessary care were tailored for children like Beth. Since then, Beth had grown up to be a girl with more conscience and she was soon able to differentiate good and bad, as well as displaying empathy and remorse for what she had done in the past.

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