Evangelista Grace

We, the Renegades

We are but only a handful,

But we are not afraid;

No, no, no!

We are not afraid of authority,

We will stand up for ourselves

In defiance of any power

That have control over us.

We are mock and ridiculed

By the large and many,

But we care not the thoughts of like-minded peasants,

Who bend and keep bending till the day they pass

They are lost and now unredeemable.

We will torch the city down,

And together bring down the prideful and the ignorant,

Burn, burn, burn!

Haste! Look not for your pearls,

Say a quick prayer

And off you go into the void!

Never to say the light of day again.

We will march through the ruins,

Through ashes and dense smoke,

Through corpses and unclaimed treasures,

Our fallen bretheren now lay beside the wicked,

Bound by a common fate.

This sweet taste of victory is but a fleeting one,

A victor’s game never ends;

We will bring revolution that is due,

We will continue to raise the flag,

We are, the renegades!

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